BP-ATM provides realistic emulation of a physical ATM with all of its screens, cash cassettes and problem management.

It can replace an entire ATM lab with a single instance application that can simulate multiple ATMs that can be configured with different hardware devices and software downloads for fast and convenient ATM testing.


BP-ATM supports EMV transactions using simulated Chip applications. Cards can have one or more EMV applications associated with them and BP-ATM executes the card acceptance and application selection flow just like a real ATM.

BP-ATM supports full ATM encryption protocols and handles all encryption key change messages to ensure all messages produced by the simulator are cryptographically correct.

BP-ATM has been developed with both tester and ATM developers in mind. Users performing testing have easy access to the ATM screens and can quickly verify that the ATM and switch are performing correctly. The printers tab of the ATM shows an image of the ATM receipt and any data printed on the Journal or deposit printers, while developers can access detailed diagnostic information from the Detail Log tab.

How BP-ATM can be used:

  • As a tool for developing and validating ATM driving systems
  • ATM screens and configuration testing
  • Production ATM problem emulation and diagnostics

BP-ATM is suitable for use by:

  • Acquirers - to maintain a cost effective support environment for multiple different device types
  • ATM driver developers - to have easy access to multiple ATMs without access to a physical devices
  • Training Consultants - to use as a hands-on teaching tool when providing ATM payment training

Supported formats:

  • Diebold
  • NDC+ and Aptra

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BP-Switch is a suite of payment modules for BP-Node. That can be put together in many different ways to provide handling of payment transactions.

BP-Switch Features:

  • Payment network interfaces
  • Message translators & convertors
  • HSM interfaces (SafeNet & Thales)
  • Extracts and reports
  • Routing support
  • Message validators
  • PA:DSS v3.1 certified
  • Internal & External Monitoring (Zabbix)
  • Internal Health system
  • ISO20022 messaging format
  • Native Active:Active support

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BP-Sim is a payments testing suite founded on expert experience from ever changing and demanding payments. BP-Sim contains modules to emulate vital parts of the payment chain and also to effectively transfer this knowledge to a wide audience.

Following modules are currently available:

See BP-Sim release notes.



BP-Node is A Dynamic Core for all BP-Processing products that includes BP‑Switch and BP‑Auth systems. These payments processing products share a common core, BP‑Node.

What is BP-Node?

  • Based on Message Bus technology, BP‑Node acts like a network hub, delivering incoming messages to the BP-Node components - message subscribers, making it extremely fast. BP‑Node’s main elements are the Message Bus, Components, Pipeline Manager and PipelineComponents.
  • BP‑Node provides many configuration options, including options for database persistence, message pipelines, registry, internal job scheduling, tracing and monitoring.
  • Because BP‑Node is highly modular, system logic implementation is shifted from developers to business analysts, who can organize BP‑Node components into processing pipelines – much like a LEGO system.
  • All BP‑Node configuration is done in real-time; i.e. there is no need to do refreshes, or re-starts. This eliminates the potential for outages.
  • BP‑Node's ISO20022/EPAS internal format can be easily interfaced through to JSON, enabling extraction of data for further processing (BigData). Also providing it with an amazing scalability feature where adding new fields to a message--such as finger scans, QR codes, product codes or loyalty codes-- is easy.
  • BP‑Node includes a JSON API interface, enabling easy integration with other systems (e.g. eCommerce, cards & terminal management, Fraud detection, DataWarehouses, Ticketing, Reporting etc.)
  • BP‑Node is Always On thanks to its Active:Active built-in generic functionality, but it goes far beyond this, with network fault tolerance, timeouts handling, system health notification, and automatic connection fail overs - adopting most of the functionality of common network switches.
  • Written in C++, BP‑Node can be easily expanded and customized using the class abstraction and polymorphism. This means that even a big projects can now be done quickly and with very little coding.
  • BP‑Node is extremely resource efficient on its CPU and memory usage, while it can still process millions of transactions per second - making message pass-through effectively real-time.
  • BP‑Node is hardware and OS independent and can be run in nearly any combination of a Linux & Postgres or Windows & MS SQL Server.

In summary, BP‑Node offers outstanding performance, modularity and flexibility.

What is the Message Bus for?

BP-Node's central point is the Message Bus. Standing in the center o of the BP-Node it manages overall message distribution to the subscribing components:

BP-Switch components

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BP-Processing is a payments product suite which was founded on principles of speed, integrity and security, ensuring that customers receive the most comfortable payment service possible. Based on EFTlab's BP-Node technology, BP-Switch and BP-Auth will provide your business with a core payments platform, your clients can rely on.

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BP-Tools is a set of freeware applications for EFT testing, benchmarking and transaction service development.

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The Babylon Payments Simulator (BP-Sim) is a family of highly efficient regression and stress testing tools, designed for deployment in development and pre-production environments. BP-Sim allows users to perform an extensive range of tests across the chain of payment services.

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The Babylon Payments Processing Suite(BP-Processing) is a suite of EFTlab's products for realtime payment transaction processing and authorisation.

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