Complete list of APDU responses

List of APDU responses for EMV processing with their description.

Note that the same list with extended searching options is implemented in our freeware BP-Tools product.

6EClass not supported.
61IResponse bytes still available
61XXICommand successfully executed; ‘XX’ bytes of data are available and can be requested using GET RESPONSE.
62WState of non-volatile memory unchanged
6200WNo information given (NV-Ram not changed)
6201WNV-Ram not changed 1.
6281WPart of returned data may be corrupted
6282WEnd of file/record reached before reading Le bytes
6283WSelected file invalidated
6284WSelected file is not valid. FCI not formated according to ISO
6285WNo input data available from a sensor on the card. No Purse Engine enslaved for R3bc
62A2WWrong R-MAC
62A4WCard locked (during reset( ))
62CXWCounter with value x (command dependent)
62F1WWrong C-MAC
62F3WInternal reset
62F5WDefault agent locked
62F7WCardholder locked
62F8WBasement is current agent
62F9WCALC Key Set not unblocked
63WState of non-volatile memory changed
6300WNo information given (NV-Ram changed)
6381WFile filled up by the last write. Loading/updating is not allowed.
6382WCard key not supported.
6383WReader key not supported.
6384WPlaintext transmission not supported.
6385WSecured transmission not supported.
6386WVolatile memory is not available.
6387WNon-volatile memory is not available.
6388WKey number not valid.
6389WKey length is not correct.
63C0WVerify fail, no try left.
63C1WVerify fail, 1 try left.
63C2WVerify fail, 2 tries left.
63C3WVerify fail, 3 tries left.
63CXWThe counter has reached the value ‘x’ (0 = x = 15) (command dependent).
63F1WMore data expected.
63F2WMore data expected and proactive command pending.
64EState of non-volatile memory unchanged
6400ENo information given (NV-Ram not changed)
6401ECommand timeout. Immediate response required by the card.
65EState of non-volatile memory changed
6500ENo information given
6501EWrite error. Memory failure. There have been problems in writing or reading the EEPROM. Other hardware problems may also bring this error.
6581EMemory failure
6600SError while receiving (timeout)
6601SError while receiving (character parity error)
6602SWrong checksum
6603SThe current DF file without FCI
6604SNo SF or KF under the current DF
6669SIncorrect Encryption/Decryption Padding
6700EWrong length
67XXElength incorrect (procedure)(ISO 7816-3)
68EFunctions in CLA not supported
6800ENo information given (The request function is not supported by the card)
6881ELogical channel not supported
6882ESecure messaging not supported
6883ELast command of the chain expected
6884ECommand chaining not supported
69ECommand not allowed
6900ENo information given (Command not allowed)
6901ECommand not accepted (inactive state)
6981ECommand incompatible with file structure
6982ESecurity condition not satisfied.
6983EAuthentication method blocked
6984EReferenced data reversibly blocked (invalidated)
6985EConditions of use not satisfied.
6986ECommand not allowed (no current EF)
6987EExpected secure messaging (SM) object missing
6988EIncorrect secure messaging (SM) data object
6996EData must be updated again
69E1EPOL1 of the currently Enabled Profile prevents this action.
69F0EPermission Denied
69F1EPermission Denied – Missing Privilege
6AEWrong parameter(s) P1-P2
6A00ENo information given (Bytes P1 and/or P2 are incorrect)
6A80EThe parameters in the data field are incorrect.
6A81EFunction not supported
6A82EFile not found
6A83ERecord not found
6A84EThere is insufficient memory space in record or file
6A85ELc inconsistent with TLV structure
6A86EIncorrect P1 or P2 parameter.
6A87ELc inconsistent with P1-P2
6A88EReferenced data not found
6A89EFile already exists
6A8AEDF name already exists.
6AF0EWrong parameter value
6B00EWrong parameter(s) P1-P2
6BXXEReference incorrect (procedure byte), (ISO 7816-3)
6CEWrong length Le
6C00EIncorrect P3 length.
6CXXEBad length value in Le; ‘xx’ is the correct exact Le
6D00EInstruction code not supported or invalid
6DXXEInstruction code not programmed or invalid (procedure byte), (ISO 7816-3)
6E00EClass not supported
6EXXEInstruction class not supported (procedure byte), (ISO 7816-3)
6FEInternal exception
6F00ECommand aborted – more exact diagnosis not possible (e.g., operating system error).
6FFFECard dead (overuse, …)
6FXXENo precise diagnosis (procedure byte), (ISO 7816-3)
9000ICommand successfully executed (OK).
9004WPIN not succesfully verified, 3 or more PIN tries left
9008Key/file not found
9080WUnblock Try Counter has reached zero
9101States.activity, States.lock Status or States.lockable has wrong value
9102Transaction number reached its limit
910CNo changes
910EInsufficient NV-Memory to complete command
911CCommand code not supported
911ECRC or MAC does not match data
9140Invalid key number specified
917ELength of command string invalid
919DNot allow the requested command
919EValue of the parameter invalid
91A0Requested AID not present on PICC
91A1Unrecoverable error within application
91AEAuthentication status does not allow the requested command
91AFAdditional data frame is expected to be sent
91BEOut of boundary
91C1Unrecoverable error within PICC
91CAPrevious Command was not fully completed
91CDPICC was disabled by an unrecoverable error
91CENumber of Applications limited to 28
91DEFile or application already exists
91EECould not complete NV-write operation due to loss of power
91F0Specified file number does not exist
91F1Unrecoverable error within file
920xIWriting to EEPROM successful after ‘x’ attempts.
9210EInsufficient memory. No more storage available.
9240EWriting to EEPROM not successful.
9301Integrity error
9302Candidate S2 invalid
9303EApplication is permanently locked
9400ENo EF selected.
9401Candidate currency code does not match purse currency
9402Candidate amount too high
9402EAddress range exceeded.
9403Candidate amount too low
9404EFID not found, record not found or comparison pattern not found.
9405Problems in the data field
9406ERequired MAC unavailable
9407Bad currency : purse engine has no slot with R3bc currency
9408R3bc currency not supported in purse engine
9408ESelected file type does not match command.
9580Bad sequence
9681Slave not found
9700PIN blocked and Unblock Try Counter is 1 or 2
9702Main keys are blocked
9704PIN not succesfully verified, 3 or more PIN tries left
9784Base key
9785Limit exceeded – C-MAC key
9786SM error – Limit exceeded – R-MAC key
9787Limit exceeded – sequence counter
9788Limit exceeded – R-MAC length
9789Service not available
9802ENo PIN defined.
9804EAccess conditions not satisfied, authentication failed.
9835EASK RANDOM or GIVE RANDOM not executed.
9840EPIN verification not successful.
9850EINCREASE or DECREASE could not be executed because a limit has been reached.
9862EAuthentication Error, application specific (incorrect MAC)
99001 PIN try left
9904PIN not succesfully verified, 1 PIN try left
9985Wrong status – Cardholder lock
9986EMissing privilege
9987PIN is not installed
9988Wrong status – R-MAC state
9A002 PIN try left
9A04PIN not succesfully verified, 2 PIN try left
9A71Wrong parameter value – Double agent AID
9A72Wrong parameter value – Double agent Type
9D05EIncorrect certificate type
9D07EIncorrect session data size
9D08EIncorrect DIR file record size
9D09EIncorrect FCI record size
9D0AEIncorrect code size
9D10EInsufficient memory to load application
9D11EInvalid AID
9D12EDuplicate AID
9D13EApplication previously loaded
9D14EApplication history list full
9D15EApplication not open
9D17EInvalid offset
9D18EApplication already loaded
9D19EInvalid certificate
9D1AEInvalid signature
9D1BEInvalid KTU
9D1DEMSM controls not set
9D1EEApplication signature does not exist
9D1FEKTU does not exist
9D20EApplication not loaded
9D21EInvalid Open command data length
9D30ECheck data parameter is incorrect (invalid start address)
9D31ECheck data parameter is incorrect (invalid length)
9D32ECheck data parameter is incorrect (illegal memory check area)
9D40EInvalid MSM Controls ciphertext
9D41EMSM controls already set
9D42ESet MSM Controls data length less than 2 bytes
9D43EInvalid MSM Controls data length
9D44EExcess MSM Controls ciphertext
9D45EVerification of MSM Controls data failed
9D50EInvalid MCD Issuer production ID
9D51EInvalid MCD Issuer ID
9D52EInvalid set MSM controls data date
9D53EInvalid MCD number
9D54EReserved field error
9D55EReserved field error
9D56EReserved field error
9D57EReserved field error
9D60EMAC verification failed
9D61EMaximum number of unblocks reached
9D62ECard was not blocked
9D63ECrypto functions not available
9D64ENo application loaded
9E00PIN not installed
9E04PIN not succesfully verified, PIN not installed
9F00PIN blocked and Unblock Try Counter is 3
9F04PIN not succesfully verified, PIN blocked and Unblock Try Counter is 3
9FXXCommand successfully executed; ‘xx’ bytes of data are available and can be requested using GET RESPONSE.
9xXXApplication related status, (ISO 7816-3)

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