Embracing ARM64 Architecture: How EFTlab's Cloud-Native Architecture Delivers on Cost-Efficiency and Sustainability


Recognizing the market's growing demand for more efficient and sustainable payment solutions, we embarked on a project to implement a cloud-native version of our payment system for AWS, highlighting the potential benefits of running it on ARM architecture. After extensive R&D and planning, we prepared an ARM build of our payment system on AWS Graviton2 architecture.

AWS Graviton2 processors offer significant advantages:

Price performance: Achieve the best price performance for a broad range of workloads on AWS.

Reduced carbon footprint: Use up to 60% less energy than comparable EC2 instances for the same performance.

Extensive software support: Supported by many popular operating systems, ISVs, and AWS Partners.

Availability as managed AWS services: Available in popular managed AWS services such as Amazon Aurora,Amazon RDS, and Amazon EKS.

As you can see, unlike the more commonly used x86_64 (CISC) architecture developed by Intel and AMD, ARM64 (RISC) offers a distinct set of advantages that are increasingly relevant in today’s digital landscape.

ARM processors are renowned for their cost-efficiency and low power consumption, making them an ideal choice for organizations looking to optimize their operations economically and sustainably.

Why EFTlab Supports ARM64

EFTlab’s support for ARM64 architecture marks a significant shift in the payment processing industry. Traditionally, payment switches have relied on costly and complex mainframe or Tandem systems, which are not only expensive but also in flexible in adapting to modern demands.

The mainstream x86_64 architecture, while widely used, often falls short in delivering the energy efficiency and cost savings that today’s market requires.

ARM64 presents a transformative opportunity. While it necessitates specific programming adaptations, EFTlab has embraced this challenge to pioneer a new standard in payment processing.

Our cloud-native architecture is meticulously designed to be fully compatible with ARM64, allowing us to harness the unparalleled benefits of this technology. This alignment ensures that our clients experience reduced server costs and significantly lower power consumption without sacrificing performance.

By leveraging ARM64, EFTlab is poised to disrupt the market, offering a sustainable,cost-effective alternative to traditional high-cost systems. This innovation stands to benefit a wide range of stakeholders, including payment processors, POS/ATM driving companies, large financial institutions, and banks.

With ARM64and cloud-native solutions, we are leading the charge towards a more efficient and sustainable future in Tier 1 payment processing.

Looking Ahead

As per now, EFTlab became the first global company offering their Cloud Native Payment suite running fully in a cloud-native system on an ARM architecture. Our reference system has been already running smoothly and efficiently,demonstrating the stability and performance we aimed for showing 35% decrease of running costs, while keeping same performance as on traditional x86architecture.

As more businesses recognize the importance of sustainability and cost-efficiency,ARM64 architecture is set to become increasingly mainstream. EFTlab is proud to be at the forefront of this transition, equipped to support the next generation of eco-friendly and economically viable payment processing solutions.

Read more here: https://aws.amazon.com/ec2/graviton/